About us

Meet Travel Horizont family!

In 2013 with only 4 employees Travel Horizont was only an idea to bring on this market innovation and professional service at high level. Did we make it?

Today we count more than 30 employees, each with different experience but with same goals. To help our home owners to reach their maximum potential and tourist from all around the world and enjoy their stay in our amazing Croatia.


Our headquarters are in the most visited city in Croatia, pearl of the adriatic coast, city of Rovinj. Spread all over the coast, our profesional agents are our support to home owners during high seasons and tourist who can always count on our support 24/7 in 6 european languages (croatian, english, german, italian, russian, french, macedonian)

With our staff we cover most of the cities over the adriatic coast like: Rovinj, Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Šibenik, Trogir, Split and others. We support and advice every home owner who would like to maximise their bookings, we help tourist not only to have the best up-to-date information but we also encourage them to choose additional services like event tickets, attractions, transfers, car or bike rent.


To be a part of our family is easy, you can either let us help You to rent Your accommodation units, trust us as tourists, or You can choose to work for us.


Travel Horizont team:

CEO - Ivan Cvek   CEO - Silvana Cvek
Deputy Director - Goran Kradija   Office Manager - Pol Popović
Regional Manager - Antonio Škugor   Regional Manager - Danijel Vojsković
HO Account agent - Ana Narančić   HO Account agent - Krste Knežević
HO Account agent - Doris Ribarić    HO Account agent - Rino Balić
HO Account agent - Mira Grubina   HO Account agent - Sanja Cuculić
HO Account agent - Senka Sirotnjak   HO Account agent - Boris Kapuralin
HO Account agent - Romina Margetić   HO Account agent - Mate Siriščević
Professional photographer - Nenad Bravar   Professional photographer - Davor Ergo
 Professional photographer - Edi Grubišić   Professional photographer - Denis Kalabrić 
Professional photographer - Damir Kovačić   Professional photographer-Željko Vidinović
Booking department - Dragana Cestar   Booking department - Dorjan Poropat
Booking department - Katja Perica   Content editor - Brenda Popović
Content editor - Mirna Hrvat   Content editor - Tatjana Pochenkova
Senior developer - Aleksandar Ruba   Senior developer - Senad Lakača